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2023.11.27 [Screw Rescue Report] Scooter Solenoid Valve Screw

This is a Screw Rescue Report from a customer in Hadano City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Kanto Region, Japan.

★Issue Description:

"When trying to remove the scooter's solenoid valve, I accidentally stripped the screw threads with a screwdriver. The screw is small, and the space is tight. I purchased PZ-60 and tried using it, but even with a firm grip and turning, the screw head keeps getting stripped. Is my grip too weak? I've also sprayed penetrating lubricant and tried using parts cleaner for better grip, but the screw continues to get damaged. I even tried using the Neji-saurus side-jaws without success."

★Work Log:

After examining the damaged screw photos, we suggested three candidate products from the Nejisaurus series. We explained the features of each and asked the customer to choose the one that best suited the screw they wanted to remove.

PZ-77 Nejisaurus GTV (Total Length: 182mm): Standard Nejisaurus suitable for various applications. Features a spring for repeated work. (With cap)

PZ-78 Nejisaurus EL (225mm): Larger Nejisaurus for electricians, with offset vertical serrations on the left side for easy removal of screws in tight spaces, suitable for cases like this. Equipped with cutting blades for cutting wires.

PZ-79 Nejisaurus VA (215mm): Similar to PZ-78, designed for electricians with left-side offset vertical serrations. The cutting edge is ideal for cutting copper cables.

★Method and Customer Appreciation:

"Thank you for your response. I purchased and tried the recommended PZ-78. With a slightly firmer grip and turned counterclockwise, it made a satisfying clicking sound and turned smoothly. The space was tight, and the screw head seemed to be around 5mm, so I initially used PZ-60. However, I now understand the importance of choosing the right tool. The offset serrations make it user-friendly. I was able to remove the screw, and I appreciate your advice."

★Staff Note:

Choose the Neji-saurus based on the diameter of the screw head. Particularly, PZ-57 is for small screws (2-3.5mm), so please be cautious. If you're unsure, feel free to use our Chatbot Service to select the best Nejisaurus for your needs.

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