PZ-60  Long Nose Gripping Pliers

Alligator-like tough gripping long nose with Screw Removing jaws
  • Long nose pliers with non-slip gripping side teeth inter-meshed

  • Screw removal with vertical serrations at the tips - Just Grip & Turn!!

  • Durable comfort grips made of TPR

  • With side cutter

  • Internationally awarded design

Vertical Serrations to bite & grip a screw head




Dome Head

Small screw in confined space

PZ-60 enables you to remove a tiny screw easily.

Heavy-duty T-shaped handles

This unique handle shape helps to prevent the handle sleeve from twisting or turning round, good for heavy users.

Light weight (20% less in-house comparison)

Screw Head Size

Dome (Truss) Head
Round or Pan Head
Screw head: dia. 2 to 5.5㎜

Other applications

Inter-meshed teeth even 
hold a thin plate securely.

Pulling out a split pin etc.

Fine cutting blades

How does PZ-60 work?

Ordinary Pliers


Ordinary pliers jaws are lined with horizontal serrations. When you grasp and turn a screw head with ordinary pliers, the jaws slip and the screw remains stuck.

Perfect fitting serrations maximize friction with no slippage.

Specially-designed jaws generate gripping power.
Select the adapted position of jaws depending on the diameter of a screw head.

Why does the PZ-60 have Inter-meshed teeth?

【Ordinary long nose pliers】
Ordinary pliers require strong grip so as to hold a thin plate securely or cut a thin material.


The gripping jaws can bite into the material and the cutting blade can cut even a thin wire with less grasping power.


1) The tool may not remove specially-hardened, heat-treated or glued screws.

2) Be sure to apply this tool to a screw head, but not to screw thread.


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