PZ-57  Screw Removal Pliers m2

The Screw Removal Pliers for electronic components, small-sized and ESD-safe
  • Ideal for removing stripped or special screws of small size

  • ESD-Safe handle made of thermoplastic elastomer featuring oil resistance 

  • Grip end with strap hole

  • Patented technique


Bite screw head
and unfasten it

Both vertical and 
horizontal serration
for anti-slipping

Especially designed for small screws

Special screws are also easy to remove

with Strap Hole


Small electronic components

Hard drive disks

Screw Head Size

Round or Pan Head
Screw head: dia. 2 to 3.5㎜


1) The tool may not remove specially-hardened, heat-treated or glued screws.

2) Be sure to apply this tool to a screw head, but not to screw thread.


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