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2023.05.19 [Screw Rescue Report] The screws on the side mirror of the car door are stripped and won'

Received an SOS from a customer in Yamaguchi Prefecture who couldn't remove the screws of the car door mirror storage motor.

"I managed to remove two of the screws myself, but the remaining four have their heads stripped. The heads of the screws are inside the holes, making it impossible to grab them with tools. Upon inspecting the screws that I was able to extract, it seems like Threadlocker has been applied. Applying excessive force might cause damage to the gears inside the storage motor."

He tried it himself and happily reported, "I was able to easily remove the screws using the Neji-saurus Mogura and the trick! It was a situation where it was difficult to find replacement parts for an old car, so it was a great help. Looking forward to future products!"

There also seemed to be a combined effect by using the Neji-saurus Liquid (Rust remover ZC-28) to repeatedly remove rust before extracting the rusted screws.

This time, we were able to rescue the four stripped and rusted screws with the teamwork of the Neji-saurus series.

If you have any more screw-related problems in the future, please feel free to contact us at Screw Rescue Team!

What is the trick of the Neji-saurus Mogura?

The Neji-saurus Mogura allows you to easily remove screws regardless of the screw head shape by drilling a pilot hole.

For more details, check this video,

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