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 DBZ-51~65  Optional Extractor Bits 

Time-saving rapid removal! More bits, more possibilities!


  • Philips and Hex screws removable in no time

  • DBZ-51, DBZ-57 and DBZ-58 require no hammer. Simply press down on the screw & twist it out!!

  • DBZ-52, 53, 54 and 56 have a sharp blade that is hammered into the stripped screw recess.


  • Press & Twist manually with our original handle grip.

  • Allows your own power tool to fix 1/4" hex shank of this extractor.

  • Narrow-pitch spiral tip can grip 6 sides of socket firmly without slippage.

  • Drill a pilot hole into the screws head to remove different kinds of other screws such as phillips, Torx, square, etc. Then, apply a suitable size of DBZ-62~65 to twist it out.

Choose the bit that fits to your needs



■DBZ-62  Size: 2mm

■DBZ-63  Size: 2.5-3mm

■DBZ-65  Size: 5mm


■DBZ-53  Size: 2.5-3mm

■DBZ-54  Size: 4mm

■DBZ-56  Size: 5mm

■DBZ-64  Size: 4mm

Slightly damaged

Philips screws

Press & Twist type

Strike & Turn type

Slightly damaged

Hex screws

Heavily damaged

Hex screws

Heavily damaged

Philips screws

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 DBZ-20  Extractor Set (4-in-1) 

Set of DBZ-62, 63, 64 & 65 in a plastic carrying case

  • Works with 2~5mm (Across flats) stripped hex socket screws

  • Also useful as an extractor for other screw drives such as Phillips, Torx, etc. as per the following steps ;

(1) Drill a pilot hole in the center of screw head.
(2) Select the appropriate size of DBZ-62/63/64/65 (2mm, 3mm, 4mm or 5mm), which corresponds to the pilot hole (the diameter of the drill used).
(3) Apply a tip of the extractor and spin it counterclockwise while pressing downward. A power driver can be also used. 


High-torque Handle Grip for DBZ series

100mm in width


Go-through Driver Handle 
with 13mm Hex Bolster
ø38 x 121(L) mm

dbz60g (3).png