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 DBZ-51/52/57/58  Extractor Bits for Phillips Screws

Time-saving rapid removal!  Designed for stripped Phillips screws
  • Elaborately Crafted Blades catch the stripped Phillips screw

  • DBZ-51, DBZ-57 and DBZ-58 require no hammer. Simply press down on the screw & twist it out!!

  • DBZ-52 has a sharp blade that is hammered into the stripped screw recess.

  • Shank Size : Hex. 6.35mm


Ordinary Screwdriver

Rapid Screw Extractor

Choose the bit that fits to your needs
How to use
Press & Twist
Strike & Turn

Press & Twist type  (for slightly damaged screws) 

1) Insert the bit into the handle grip.

2) Place the bit tip into the screw head, then scrape away
     burs in the recess by twisting it back and forth lightly.  
     *Do not attempt to hit the bit with a hammer.

3) After you feel the bit tip catches the corner of recess, 
     give a jerk counterclockwise while pressing firmly 

Strike & Turn type  (for heavily damaged screws)

1) Clean out any steel chips left in the screw recess.

2) Fix the rubber sleeve to the Strike & Turn bit and position 
     the tip in the recess.

3) Strike the end of the bit with a hammer to stick the tip 
     into the recess.

4) Make sure the bit is self-standing upright, and then affix 
     the grip onto the bit. 
     *Do not hit the grip with a hammer.

5) Give a jerk counterclockwise while pressing firmly


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Rapid Screw Extractor
Handle Grip with DBZ-51/52 bits



High-torque Handle Grip for DBZ series

100mm in width


Cross Section

Go-through Driver Handle ø38 x 121(L) mm
with 13mm Hex Bolster


Go-through Driver Handle ø38 x 121(L) mm 
with 13mm Hex Bolster and DBZ-51 Extractor Bit

DR-22     100mm

DR-23     150mm

DR-24     190mm

* DBZ-51~65 Extractors attachable
* The bit holder can be used with an Impact Driver, too.

Hex. 6.35.jpg

DR-25     99mm

* DBZ-51~65 Extractors and DR-22~24 attachable
* Slide the sleeve forward to swing the tip to 15 degrees max.
* Can be used with an Impact Driver only in the straight mode.

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