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2023.04.27 [SCREW RESCUE REPORT] Door window glass

"We received an SOS from Kumamoto City saying, 'I tried using a Phillips screwdriver as well as lubricant and instant cooling spray, but the screw was stuck and wouldn't turn.' The screw in question was for fixing the door window glass, and upon seeing the photo, it did seem to be stripped. We determined that it could be dealt with using the 'DBZ-51' Neji-saurus BAZOOKA (Rapid Screw Extractor).

Afterward, we received a happy message saying, 'A friend had the recommended tool, so I borrowed it and was able to successfully extract the screw. I was so impressed with this wonderful product that I plan to buy one for myself and always keep it on hand.

For any screw-related troubles, contact Screw Rescue!

If you meet similar screw-related troubles, our BAZOOKA (Rapid Screw Extractor) series helps you.

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