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 DBZ-60G  Rapid Screw Extractor

The unique extracting tool, especially designed to remove damaged countersunk screws!
  • Special screw driver for screw extraction

  • No power supply or drilling required

  • 2 bits, for more possibilities

  • High-torque handle grip

  • Shock-absorbable rubber sleeve included


  • Handle Grip for DBZ (Green) (DBZ-50G)

  • Philips screw #2 Press & Twist type bit (DBZ-51)

  • Philips screw #2 Strike & Turn type bit (DBZ-52)

  • Rubber Sleeve for DBZ-52

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How to use the Rapid Screw Extractor
dbz60g (1).png
dbz60g (2).png

​Press & Twist type (for slightly damaged screws)

  1. Insert the 1st Bit into the handle grip and grip it as illustrated below.

  2. Place the bit tip into the screw head, then scrape away burs in the recess by twisting it back and forth lightly.
    (Do not attempt to hit the 1st Bit with a hammer.)

  3. After you feel the bit tip catches the corner of recess,
    give a jerk counterclockwise while pressing firmly downward.

Strike & Turn type (for heavily damaged screws)

  1. Clean out any steel chips left in the screw recess.

  2. Fix the rubber sleeve to the 2nd Bit and position the blade in the recess.

  3. Strike the end of the bit with a hammer to stick the blade into the recess.

  4. Make sure the bit is self-standing upright, and then affix the grip onto the bit. 
    (Do not hit the grip with a hammer.)

  5. Give a jerk counterclockwise while pressing firmly downward.

dbz60g (17).jpg
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