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 DBZ-64  Hexagon Socket Screw Extractor

Extractor bit set for broken screws including but not confined to hex socket and Phillips heads!
  • Works with 4.0mm (Across Flats) stripped hex socket of cap bolt, countersunk or button head

  • Used manually with 6.35 driver handle or with a power screwdriver

  • Sharp & fine-pitch spiral tip grips a hex socket without slippage.

  • Also useful as an extractor for other screw drives such as Phillips, Torx, etc. if an electric drill is used to make a pilot hole (The process described below.)

  • Bit size : 105mm x Hex. 6.35mm

  • Material : High carbon steel

Shipped from
Application to Socket Screws
Application to Phillips & other drives
  1. Press the extractor bit into the stripped socket.

  2. Twist it out while keeping the bit pressed firmly.  
    When using a power screwdriver, select slower speed in reverse mode and spin it counterclockwise.

  1. Drill a pilot hole in the center of screw head.

  2. Select the appropriate size of DBZ-62/63/64/65 (2mm, 3mm, 4mm or 5mm), which corresponds to the pilot hole (the diameter of the drill used).

  3. Apply a tip of the extractor and spin it counterclockwise while pressing downward. A power screwdriver can be also used. (slower speed recommended)

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Compatibility Chart of Socket Screw Extractors


Cross Section

Choose the bit that fits to your needs_02.jpg

Hex. Screw Extractors
[Strike & Turn type]

for Heavily-damaged Hex. Socket


* 65mm-long middle size for Hexagon socket screw, cap bolt, Hex. socket set screw, etc.
* Stepped shaft for work in a narrow space

Extension Bit Holder DR-22, DR-23, DR-24

DR-22     100mm

DR-23     150mm

DR-24     190mm

* DBZ-51~65 & DBZ-410~450 Extractors attachable
* The bit holder can be used with an Impact Driver, too.

Hex. 6.35.jpg

DR-25     99mm

* DBZ-51~65 & DBZ-410~450 Extractors and DR-22~24 attachable
* Slide the sleeve forward to swing the tip to 15 degrees max.
* Can be used with an Impact Driver only in the straight mode.

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