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 DBZ-410~450  Socket Screw Extractor - 65mm Bits - 

65mm-long Socket Screw Extractors, ideal for work in a limited space.
  • Ideal for the extraction of the stripped or broken Hexagon Socket screws and Hex. Hollow Set screws

  • Overall length 65mm 

  • Used manually with 6.35 driver handle or with a power screwdriver

  • Attachable to Extension Bit Holders (Option) 

Accessible to a screw in the deep hole
Works with Hex. Socket Set Screws.
Combination with other attached parts (Optional)
Screw in the depth of the lengthy hole
Screw in the corner or the wall
Size / Compatible screw
Tip Shape

Power tool

Select Low Speed mode and press
the power screwdriver forward.
When you remove a larger screw
(M6) that requires high torque,
it is recommended to use the
extractor manually instead of a
power tool.

Application to Phillips & other drives

Step 1

Drill a pilot hole in the center of screw head.

Step 2

Apply the tip of the extractor and spin it


Select the appropriate size which corresponds to the pilot hole
(the diameter of the drill used).

Approximate cutting depth

Drill diameter

Dig with a drill to
the bottom of
the screw recess.

Excessive drilling
may snap off the
screw head.


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Compatibility Chart of Socket Screw Extractors

Socket Screw Extractor 18mm Bits


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Hex. Screw Extractors
[Strike & Turn type]

for Heavily-damaged Hex. Socket


High-torque Handle Grip for DBZ series

100mm in width


Cross Section

Go-through Driver Handle ø38 x 121(L) mm
with 13mm Hex Bolster


Go-through Driver Handle ø38 x 121(L) mm 
with 13mm Hex Bolster and DBZ-51 Extractor Bit

DR-22     100mm

DR-23     150mm

DR-24     190mm

* DBZ-51~65 Extractors attachable
* The bit holder can be used with an Impact Driver, too.

Hex. 6.35.jpg

DR-25     99mm

* DBZ-51~65 Extractors and DR-22~24 attachable
* Slide the sleeve forward to swing the tip to 15 degrees max.
* Can be used with an Impact Driver only in the straight mode.

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