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 DBZ-53/54/56  Extractor Bits for Socket Screws

Rapid removal!  Designed for the extraction of heavily-damaged hexagon socket screws by hammering
  • DBZ-53, 54 & 56 have triangular and sharp blades that are hammered into stripped Hex. sockets.

  • Shank Size : Hex. 6.35mm

Choose the bit that fits to your needs
How to use
Strike & Turn

Strike & Turn type  (for heavily damaged screws)

1) Clean out any steel chips left in the screw recess.

2) Fix the rubber sleeve to the Strike & Turn bit and position 
     the tip in the recess.

3) Strike the end of the bit with a hammer to stick the tip 
     into the recess.

4) Make sure the bit is self-standing upright, and then affix 
     the grip onto the bit. 
     *Do not hit the grip with a hammer.

5) Give a jerk counterclockwise while pressing firmly


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Rapid Screw Extractor DBZ-60G

Rapid Screw Extractor

Handle Grip with DBZ-51/52 bits

High-torque Handle Grip DBZ-50B

High-torque Handle Grip for DBZ series

100mm in width

Go-through Drive Handle DZ-70

Cross Section

Go-through Driver Handle ø38 x 121(L) mm
with 13mm Hex Bolster

Go-through Driver Handle DZ-71

Go-through Driver Handle ø38 x 121(L) mm 
with 13mm Hex Bolster and DBZ-51 Extractor Bit

Extension Bit Holder DR-22, DR-23, DR-24

DR-22     100mm

DR-23     150mm

DR-24     190mm

* DBZ-51~65 Extractors attachable
* The bit holder can be used with an Impact Driver, too.

Hex. 6.35.jpg

DR-25     99mm

* DBZ-51~65 Extractors and DR-22~24 attachable
* Slide the sleeve forward to swing the tip to 15 degrees max.
* Can be used with an Impact Driver only in the straight mode.

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