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2024.01.26[Screw Rescue Report] Laptop PC Screws

This is a Screw Rescue Report from a customer in Osaka City.

★Issue Description:

"I'm facing trouble with screws and would like your assistance. It's quite similar to your past report, but when trying to open the back cover of my laptop (Lenovo ThinkBook), I ended up stripping the screws. I've stripped all four screws, and one of them is in particularly bad condition. I attempted to fix it on my own, but unfortunately, I made it worse, and even the repair shop said they couldn't help. Could you please use your expertise to remove the screws for me? I prefer bringing it to your location rather than shipping it. Thank you in advance."

★Work Log:

After coordinating the schedule, the customer brought the laptop to our company, and the Screw Rescue Team promptly initiated the operation.


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