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2023/10/17 [Screw Rescue Report] Screw on Mac Book Air SSD

★ Issue Description

"I accidentally stripped the precision screw when trying to remove the SSD from my Mac Book Air. I tried using rubber bands and screw-loosening liquid in the market as I found on the internet, but it didn't work. I'm not sure how to get this screw out."

★ Work Log

Based on the images you provided, I determined that if you have the PZ-57 Screw Removal Pliers M2 (So called, Neji-saurus PZ-57), you should be able to remove the screw, and I proposed this solution.

★ Customer Appreciation

"We received your response, and thank you very much. After purchasing the PZ-57 as suggested and trying it out, I was able to remove the screw successfully. Thank you very much!" We received this delightful email 🦖

A word from the staff

Using commercially available screw-loosening liquids and similar products may, in some cases, get worse the condition. When you encounter screw troubles, please use our chatbot service to select the appropriate tool.

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