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2023.11.06 [Screw Rescue Report] Laptop Cover Screw

This report is a record of the Screw Rescue from a customer in Mitaka City, Tokyo.

★ Issue Description

"When trying to open the back cover of the laptop (HP Pavilion) to add the optional parts, the screw got stripped and completely stuck, impossible to turn. I tried making a new groove and tapping it with a driver, but it was no use. Seeking advice. There are three similar screws. Thank you in advance."

★ Work Log

The laptop was promptly sent to our company, and the Screw Rescue team commenced the operation.

★ Method

★ Customer Appreciation

"I appreciate your assistance. I received the laptop safely and were able to add the components. Thank you so much" - We received this joyful feedback 🦖

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