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2023.10.03 [Screw Rescue Report] Chair Screw

 This report documents a screw-related issue reported by a customer in the Chubu region of Japan, in Nagoya City, Naka Ward, Aichi Prefecture.

★ Issue Description

"The screws on the SEDUS chair's backrest are stuck due to a strong threadlocker, and I've had difficulty removing them after they stripped. I tried using another company's screw extractor impact tool, but it ended up breaking the extractor's blade when I attempted to rotate it. Additionally, a different company's bolt extractor couldn't grip and failed. We'd appreciate any recommendations for a better product."

★ Work Log & Method

After experiencing further damage from using two different products from other companies, we recommend using the "Socket Screw Extractor Set" (Part Number: DBZ-20).

★ Customer Appreciation

"I received the Socket Screw Extractor Set (DBZ-20) from Amazon today and successfully removed the screws using DBZ-63! I am thrilled!" We received this delightful email 🦖

From the Staff:

Have you ever encountered situations where commercially available screw removal tools didn't work well? The Socket Screw Extractor Set DBZ-20, when combined with a drill, becomes the world's most potent screw extractor. Please consider adding it to your toolbox!

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