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2023.06.17 [Screw Rescue Report] Stripped screws on HILUX the tailgate 2

Received an SOS from Sapporo City, Hokkaido, stating that the screws on a Hilux's tailgate have stripped.

"I have experienced the exact same issue as a pickup truck mentioned in your past records. The Torx screw on the tailgate of my Hilux have stripped. I would greatly appreciate any advice you can provide. "

Based on the images provided, we urgently dispatched Neji-saurus Mogura (Socket Screw Extractor) and included references to previous similar cases and instructional videos demonstrating tips and tricks for using the Mogura.

"I was able to remove the screw successfully. When the stripped screw finally came loose with a satisfying snap, I felt a huge sense of relief. I truly appreciate your assistance," he happily reported.

Lately, we have been receiving an increasing number of requests for tailgate screw rescues. Please exercise caution when removing screws.

For all your screw-related issues, rely on Neji-saurus (Screw Removal Pliers & Screw Rescue Team!

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