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2023.06.14 [Screw Resue Report] Stripped hexagon socket screw on the front caul of motorcycle

Received an SOS about a stripped hexagon socket screw on the front cowl of a motorcycle, originating from Nishinomiya City, Hyogo Prefecture, located in the western part of Japan.

"I tried to remove the wind protector attached underneath the under bracket, but unfortunately ended up stripping the hex socket screw. I've also tried chemical agents like Screw Grab, but there seems to be no way to loosen the screw at all. Due to the limited space and difficulty in visualizing the screw, it's difficult to apply force. I would greatly appreciate any advice or assistance you can provide."

After coordinating the schedule, we arranged for him to visit our office...

Certainly, the situation presented a high level of difficulty with the screw being out of the sight. However, by utilizing the Socket Screw Extractor and Screw Removal Pliers, we successfully completed the rescue operation!

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