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2023.06.12 [Screw Rescue Report] Stripped screws on the tailgate of HILUX

We received an SOS from Amagasaki City in Hyogo Prefecture, western Japan, regarding a stripped screw on a Hilux tailgate.

"I was trying to install a tailgate lift assist and ended up stripping the original Torx screw while removing it. I tried using a chisel and hammer to remove it, but it didn't work. I also broke a drill bit from another company's screw extractor and it got stuck inside... I need some help to resolve this."

After checking the provided photos, we conducted a response Q&A session and urgently dispatched a set of two sizes of Neji-saurus Mogura (Socket Screw Extractor). We also included videos on how to use the Mogura, as well as shared previous rescue case examples.

"Despite trying various methods, I couldn't remove it and was at a loss. Thanks to the Screw Rescue Team, it came off easily as if all my previous struggles were nothing! Thank you so much. I'll be more careful not to strip screws in the future."

We recently have been receiving many requests for tailgate screw rescue. Everyone, please be careful when replacing these screws.

For any screw-related issues, please rely on Neji-saurus (Screw Removal Pliers) and The Screw Rescue Team!

The new all-purpose Nejisaurus GTV PZ-77 is also very popular now.

You can find more unique tools on our sites.


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