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2023.06.09 [Screw Rescue Report] A stripped screw on the cover of MacBook Pro

Receiving SOS about a stripped screw on the back cover of a MacBook Pro.

"The screw on the back cover is completely stripped, and I can't remove it. I tried using a file to carve a new groove, but it wasn't deep enough, and the screwdriver doesn't work at all. I would appreciate some advice."

As he lives in Osaka City, he decided to visit our office urgently, and we immediately started the Screw Rescue!

With Urus watching over, we successfully removed the screw using a trick of the Neji-saurus Mogura (Socket Screw Extractor).

For any future screw-related troubles, remember to contact The Screw Rescue Team.

The new all-purpose Nejisaurus GTV PZ-77 is also very popular now.

You can find more unique tools on our sites.


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