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2023.05.31[Screw Rescue Report]Stripped screws on Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

SOS for Nintendo Switch Screw Received from Minoh City, Osaka Prefecture, in Western Japan.

I attempted to disassemble the Pro Controller and ended up stripping the screw hole.

It is more depressed than the surrounding area and I can't grab the screw head.

I tried using a tap handle to make a hole in the screw head, but it didn't work well and I was at a loss. I would like to apply for your services.

Not only the "Y-shaped" screws of the Joy-Con but also the "Philips" screws of the Pro Controller often reach Screw Rescue Team with an SOS.

He promptly sent it and the Screw Rescue Team started the operation.

With "Urus" watching over, we were able to successfully extract these screws using the trick of the Neji-saurus Mogura (Socket Screw Extractor).

We received a delightful message from him stating, "Today, the controller arrived. Thank you for your kind assistance."

For any future screw troubles, remember to turn to Screw Rescue Team.

The new all-purpose Nejisaurus GTV PZ-77 is also very popular now.

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