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2023.05.23 [Screw Rescue Report] Stripped Torx (R) screws for the door striker

Received an SOS regarding the screw of a minivan's door striker from Matsudo City.

Lately, we have been receiving more rescue requests for door strikers' Torx (R) screws. Everyone, please be careful when replacing the Torx(R) screws of door strikers.

"I accidentally stripped the head of the T40 Torx(R) screw on the front seat door of my minivan. (I mistakenly used a T30 bit to turn it.) Currently, the T40 bit won't fit, and the T30 bit just spins freely. Is there any solution to this?"

After checking the damage in his photos, we urgently dispatched a set of prototype Neji-saurus Mogra (prototype Socket Screw Extractor). We also showed an instructional video on how to use it.

"We received a delightful message today saying that the tool arrived yesterday, and I was able to easily extract the Torx(R) screw. Thank you very much!"

If you have any issues with screws, feel free to contact Screw Rescue Team for assistance.

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