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2023.05.22 [Screw Rescue Report] Torx (R) screws for the door striker were stripped!

Received an SOS about the Torx(R) screws on a car door striker from Fukui Prefecture.

"I accidentally stripped the Torx (R) screws on the car door striker and can't extract them. I tried drilling holes in the screw head and using a something tap-like tool to turn them, but it only slipped. It was not biting at all either. Could you please lend me your expertise?"

After considering its conditions through photos, we urgently dispatched a set of Neji-saurus Mogura (prototype Socket Screw Extractor). And we sent instruction videos of usage via email at the same time.

"I managed to extract the Torx (R) screws using the borrowed tools successfully. Since the weather forecast for tomorrow onwards predicts severe storms, I decided to leave the office earlier today and tried to extract the Torx (R) screws without any issues.

I learned the hard way that even with amateur thinking, selecting the right tools is crucial, or else you'll end up wasting money. While Screw Rescue may be limited to those around me, I'll definitely spread the word.

I truly appreciate your support and assistance this time. Thank you very much.

Furthermore, if you encounter any screw-related difficulties, don't hesitate to reach out to the Screw Rescue Team!

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