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2023.05.17 [Screw Rescue Report] Stripped screws on NINTENDO 3DS

SOS received from the customer in Kobe City: Nintendo 3DS screw is stripped.

The left D-pad (directional pad) has been damaged, and while attempting to remove the back cover for repair, the screw got stripped.

I tried turning it with a driver while placing a rubber band between the driver and the screw, but it only made the situation worse.

The customer sent his 3DS to our office, and the Screw Rescue Team started an emergency operation.

Using the Neji-saurus Bazooka (Rapid Screw Extractor) and the 7 tools, the rescue was successfully carried out.

For any future screw-related issues, remember to contact Screw Rescue Team!

Neju-saurus BAZOOKA (Rapid Screw Extractor) can solve your countersunk (flat) screw trouble easily and faster with only 2 actions.

Press and Twist!

And our new Screw Removal Pliers PZ-77 can provide the best solution for screw-related troubles.

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