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2023.04.26 [SCREW RESCUE REPORT] Stripped screw on Laptop

Received an SOS about the screws on the back of a laptop from someone at an association that runs a "programming class" for elderly people and children in the Higashiku ward.

As they were located nearby, I asked them to bring the laptop by bicycle and immediately proceeded with a rescue operation. Although adhesive had been applied, we were able to successfully remove the screws using a Screwasaurus Mogura (Ver. 3) and provide a resQ. To prevent similar troubles in the future, we introduced them to the Screwasaurus Bazooka (DBZ-57).

For any screw-related troubles, please contact Screwless Q!

If you meet similar screw trouble, we may help you with Rapid Screw Extractor DBZ-57.

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