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2023.04.14 [SCREW RESCUE REPORT] Stem Fixing Bolt

A guest who had watched a TV program that introduced our company came to our office on their road bike.

The socket bolt that was fixing the "stem" was completely stripped.

The Screw Rescue team tried to use the prototype of the "Neji-saurus Mogura" (Ver.2.0), and we extracted the screw and rescue the bike in just a few seconds!

The guest who came by bicycle the other day was from near our office, and this time he was from my hometown... I feel some sort of connection.

We presented them with ENGINEER general catalog as a souvenir. They said they are going on a tour to southern Osaka city from now on, so be careful on the road.

Our 4-in-1 Socket Screw Extractor set will help your similar screw trouble

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