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2024.02.05 [Screw Rescue Report] PC Keyboard Screw

This is a Screw Rescue Report from a customer in Echizen City, Fukui Prefecture, in the Hokuriku region of Japan.

★ Issue Description:

"I attempted to disassemble my keyboard (WOOTING 60HE), but encountered difficulty in removing a screw that secures the board to the case. Due to a very narrow gap, it was challenging to address individually, and I was unsure how to remove this particular screw. After searching, I came across your Screw Rescue Service and decided to inquire for assistance. I would greatly appreciate your support in resolving this issue."

★ Work Log:

The screw difficulty appeared to be quite challenging. The customer sent the actual item to our company, and the Screw Rescue Team promptly initiated the operation. With Urus-kun watching over, the screw was successfully removed using the prototype Neji-Bazooka, Rapid Screw Extractor.

★ Customer Appreciation:

"I received the keyboard earlier. I want to express my gratitude once again. I had seen someone facing a similar issue on social media, resorting to physically cutting the case. If I hadn't known about the ScrewlessQ service, I might have taken the same approach or even purchased another unit. Thank you for preventing that!" - A delightful message we received 🦖

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