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2024.01.19 [Screw Rescue Report] Bicycle Crank Fixing Bolt

This is a Screw Rescue Report from a customer in Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan.

★Issue Description:

"I tried to loosen the fixing bolt of my bicycle's crank (Shimano) with a hex wrench, but it wouldn't budge at all. The hole is completely stripped, and the bolt won't move. It's seriously stuck, and despite applying a generous amount of penetrating lubricant and trying various tools, I can't figure out how to remove this screw. I really need some help. Thank you in advance."

★Work Log:

After assessing the photos that they provided, we sent a prototype of the Neji-saurus Mogura.

The customer tried it themselves...

★Customer Appreciation:

"I effortlessly removed the screw that was causing so much trouble with the Mogura! I was really struggling, and various places like bike shops and the store where I bought it told me it couldn't be done. I was truly in a bind. Thank you so much for this. Now I can ride my bike again." - A delightful message we received. 🦖

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