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2024.01.09 [Screw Rescue Report] Dyson Vacuum Cleaner Screws

This is a Screw Rescue Report from a customer in Ikuno Ward, Osaka City, Japan.

★Issue Description:

The threads of the screws for removing the battery on a Dyson vacuum cleaner (V11 Fluffy+SV14) were completely stripped (both screws). Despite attempting to use another company's Screw Extractor, the extraction process failed, leaving the screws in a hopeless condition. Unsure of how to remove these screws and hoping for your assistance, I contacted your company, considering that I live nearby and bringing the device in for service would be convenient.

★Work Log:

After adjusting the schedule, an appointment was arranged for the following day, and the customer brought in the vacuum cleaner. The customer personally experienced the screw removal using the Neji-saurus Mogura Middle Type (Product Number: DBZ-425).

★Customer Appreciation:

I had almost given up (99% resigned), and expressed great amazement when the screws were successfully removed right before their eyes. They were deeply moved, stating, "I never imagined that such stripped screws could be removed so easily. I am truly grateful. Thank you very much!" 🦖

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