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2023.12.04 [Screw Rescue Report] Hilux Rear Gate Screw

This report documents a screw-related problem and resolution from a customer in Chikushino City, Fukuoka Prefecture, Kyushu, Japan.

★Issue Description:

"When attempting to loosen the TORX screw on the Hilux rear gate, the screw unexpectedly proved stubborn, and there was a risk of stripping the screw head. Therefore, the attempt was halted, and assistance from your company was sought."

★Work Log:

Upon assessing the damage in the photos of the screw, a prototype "Nejisarus Mogura" (So-called Socket Screw Extractor) was sent to the customer. After utilizing Mogura's trick...

★Screw Rescue:

"We received the tool today. Successfully remove the screw! It gripped firmly and surprisingly made it easy to unscrew. Thank you very much for your help," conveyed the delighted feedback 🦖

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