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2023.11.30 [Screw Rescue Report] Honda Cross Cub

This  Screw Rescue Report is from a customer who lives in Japan.

★Issue Description:

"I attempted to remove the screw tightening the tail lamp on my motorcycle (Honda Cross Cub 110JA45) to install side bag stays. However, the screws were very tight, and it was in a hard-to-reach position, making it challenging to apply force with tools. As a result, I stripped the screws on both the left and right sides. While I managed to remove the left side screw with the Nejisaurus Mogura (So called Socket Screw Extractor). But the right side screw recess widened and Mogura and Bazooka (So called Rapid Screw Extractor) couldn't be used."

★Work Log:

After checking the damaged screw photos provided by the customer, we sent a prototype Nejisaurus Mogura and ask them to extract it by themselves.

★Customer Appreciation:

Upon using the borrowed "Mogura", the customer reported, "I tried the tools you provided, and it gripped tightly, making the screw come off very easily! I'm truly grateful for this relief." 🦖

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