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2023.11.29 [Screw Rescue Report] Daiwa Baitcasting Reel (ZILLION) Screw

This Screw Rescue Report is from a customer in the Chukyo ward of Kyoto City in the Kinki region of Japan.

★Issue Description:

The customer reported a problem with the screw on the gear shaft plate of their Daiwa's baitcasting reel (ZILLION). The screw had become stripped. The trouble began when attempting to forcefully turn the screw, tightened with a thread-locker, using a slender grip Phillips #1 screwdriver. As a result, the cross-recess became completely rounded and the situation got worse!

★Work Log:

The customer promptly sent the item to our company and Screw Rescue Team initiated the operation. The team successfully extracted the screw using a prototype of Nejisaurus Mogura (So called, Socket Screw Extractor)🦖.

★Customer Appreciation:

In response to the successful resolution, the customer expressed their gratitude: "Wow! Truly impressive! I tried various methods, but nothing worked, so I'm genuinely moved. Thank you very much. With this, I can continue using the reel with peace of mind." 🦖

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