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2023.11.22 [Screw Rescue Report] Laptop PC Screw

This report is a Screw Rescue Report from a customer in Asama-cho, Fuchu City, Tokyo.

★Issue Details:

"I have an old laptop PC (TOSHIBA, Dynabook R63/P), and when I tried to remove two screws that were already partially stripped to upgrade the memory, they got completely stripped and became impossible to remove. It has become such a severe situation that we fear we cannot handle it ourselves. Is it possible for your company to assist with this?"

★Work Log:

The laptop PC was promptly sent to us, and the Screw Rescue Team initiated the operation. Using the Nejisaurus Bazooka DBZ-57 (So called Rapid Screw Extractor), we extracted these two screws very easily.

★Customer Appreciation:

"We were in quite a predicament, so we are grateful. Thank you very much for your assistance." We received a delightful message expressing gratitude 🦖.

Note: The use of adhesives may worsen the condition. In case of screw troubles, please consider using our ChatBot service to guide you in choosing the Nejisaurus series without causing further damage.

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