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2023.11.20 [Screw Rescue Report] Track and Field Spike Shoes

This report documents Screw Rescue from a customer in the Higashi-Sumiyoshi Ward of Osaka City in the Kansai region, Japan.

★ Issue Description:

"The spikes on my track and field shoes (ASICS EFFORTMK) won't come off. I used to easily remove them with a Nejusaurus (Screw Removal Pliers), but this time, no matter what I tried, I couldn't get them off. I attempted various methods myself, but it ended up making the situation worse. If you have any advice, please let me know."

★ Work Log:

After coordinating a suitable time for the customer to visit, the Screw Rescue Team initiated the operation.

The first spike was removed using the Nejisaurus RX (Product Code: PZ-59).

The second spike was more firmly stuck, so using the Vice-saurus (Product Code: PZ-65), we securely locked the spike pin and, with the Pumpla-saurus (Product Code: PZ-63), applied torque near the jaws of PZ-65 to successfully remove it.

★ Customer Appreciation:

"The shoes belong to a 3rd-year junior high school student, and we need to get them ready for the last competition before his graduation in one week. We hope for outstanding performance in the upcoming race with revived spikes and expectations. 🦖"

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