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2023.11.15 [Screw Rescue Report] Reel (Shimano Scorpion)

This report is a Screw Rescue record from a customer in Uji City, Kyoto, in the Kansai region of Japan.

★ Issue Details

"The screws of my fishing reel (Shimano Scorpion 300XG LH) got stripped. I came across information on the internet that someone who had the same problem received help from your company using the Nejisaurus series. If I can grub the screw head with your Nejisaurus (So called Screw Removal Pliers), it would be great. Unfortunately, the screw head is under the surface, and it can't reach the head. I would appreciate support."

★ Work Log

Based on the damaged screw photos, a prototype Nejusaurus Mogura (So called Socket Screw Extractor) and a unique screwdriver handle DZ-70 were sent. The customer attempted the repair by himself...

★ Customer Appreciation

"Thank you for lending me the great tools. I was able to easily extract the stripped screw. I have attached a photo. Thanks to your company, I can continue to use my valuable reel. Thank you very much for this!" - A delightful message we received. 🦖

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