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2023.11.02 [Screw Rescue Report] Electric Guitar

This report is a record of Screw Rescue from a customer in Kushiro City, Hokkaido, Japan.

★ Issue Description

"The head of the screw that attaches the neck to the body of the electric guitar has snapped. The screw is not protruding from the surface. Is there any good way to remove this screw?"

★ Work Log

By utilizing the secret technique of the Middle Nejisaurus Mogura DBZ-410 (So-called Middle Socket Screw Extractor) and the skills of the Rescue Team, we successfully removed the screw and disassembled the neck of the guitar.

★ Customer Appreciation

"Thank you very much! I didn't think it would be extracted. Amazing! I'm so happy!" - We received this delightful message 🦖

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