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2023.10.22 [Screw Rescue Report] Airsoft Gun

This report is a record of a screw-related issue received from a customer in Ichikawa City, Chiba Prefecture, in the Kanto region of Japan.

★Issue Description:

"I learned about the "Screw Rescue" service through X (formerly Twitter). I attempted to remove a stripped hex screw from my Screw Removal Pliers GT (PZ-58), but I couldn't even grip the screw head to start with. The white portion you see is residue from an adhesive I tried to attach a hex wrench to in a desperate attempt to turn it (ultimately, I couldn't remove it)."

★Work Log:

Upon receiving the item, the Screw Rescue Team commenced operations. The Socket Screw Extractor Model No. DBZ-430 (So-called Neji-Mogura) successfully completed the rescue 🦖

★Customer Appreciation

"I didn't expect to have it done today. Thank you very much," was the joyful feedback we received 🦖

From the Staff

Using commonly suggested methods involving adhesives to remove screws can worsen the situation and lead to further damage. When facing screw-related issues, please start by accessing our company's chatbot service to find the most suitable screw extraction tools.

ENGINEER's Chatbot service Our Chatbot service solves your screw-related trouble in a few steps! Visit now

For more information, visit our website and YouTube channel!


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