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2023.10.20 [Screw Rescue Report] Dyson SV11 Cordless Cleaner Screw

This report is a Screw Rescue record from a customer in the Kanto region of Kanagawa Prefecture, Yokohama City, Kohoku Ward, Japan.

★Issue Description:

"The screws on the Dyson SV11 cordless cleaner were stripped and cannot be unscrewed with a screwdriver."

★Work Log:

The Dyson was sent to our company, and with Urus-kun keeping a watchful eye, the Screw Rescue team performed an emergency operation.


The combination of Socket Screw Extractor (So called, Neji-Mogura)  and GT DRIVE Screwdriver grip (DZ-70) successfully removed the screws.

★Customer Appreciation:

We received a joyful message saying, "Thank you very much. We really appreciate it!!!" 🦖

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