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2023.10.15 [Screw Rescue Report] Electric Gun for Airsoft Game

This report is a Screw Rescue record from a customer in Kawasaki-ku, Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Kanto Region, Japan.

★ Issue:

"The screws holding the dot sight on my SIG SAUER Electric Gun got stripped. I tried using Screw-extracting chemicals, adhesive, and other methods to remove the screws, but it didn't work."

★ Work Log:

The dot sight was sent to our company, and with Urus-kun overseeing the operation, the Screw Rescue Team conducted an emergency operation.

★ Method:

The Socket Screw Extractor (Part Number: DBZ-425) successfully removed the screws.

Caution: Using Screw-extracting chemicals, adhesives can possibly worsen the screw's condition.

If you encounter screw-related issues, please visit our Chatbot service to find the right tools for screw extraction.

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