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2023.10.12 [Screw Rescue Report] Door Knob Screw

This report is a screw-related issue from a customer in Osaka, Osaka Prefecture, in the Kansai region of Japan.

★Issue Description:

"The key to the toilet door has become difficult to turn due to aging, and I wanted to replace the doorknob and key. However, the screw is in a situation where it cannot be removed manually at all. It has completely worn out and is in a rounded state. I'm hoping to receive some good advice."

★Work Log:

We provided the customer with a Socket Screw Extractor DBZ-400 series with DZ-70 and they visited our office. During their visit, we advised them on the technique of turning the screw by applying a pushing force of 7 and a turning force of 3 and rotating it counterclockwise slowly. They attempted the work themselves, and...

★Method and Customer Appreciation:

"Good evening. Thank you for your help today. I tried the tool I borrowed right away and was able to remove the screw. Thank you. I could solve it with the prototype tool I borrowed initially."

The next day, when they returned the tool, they mentioned, "When I actually turned the screw during the work, I found that the 7:3 technique of pushing and turning was very effective." This is a crucial point.

For any future screw troubles, please don't hesitate to contact the Screw Rescue Team!

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