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2023.10.11 [Screw Rescue Report] Daihatsu Hi-Jet Jumbo Door Stabilizer

 This Screw Rescue report is by a customer in Yame City, Fukuoka Prefecture, Kyushu, Japan.

Issue Description:

The customer attempted to install a door stabilizer on his Daihatsu Hi-Jet Jumbo, but encountered difficulties. While working on it, he accidentally rendered the first screw unusable. He was successful in installing the stabilizer on the right side door, but the issue arose on the left side door. The problem began with a failed attempt to remove a Phillips head screw using an electric drill driver (not an impact driver). Subsequent efforts with a different screwdriver led to the screw becoming stripped. The customer, who is an amateur and not used to automotive maintenance, is seeking guidance on how to remove the stripped screw.

Work Log:

Based on the photographs of the damaged screw, we provided a prototype tool called the "Socket Screw Extractor (Neji Mogura)," along with instructional videos of "A Trick". The customer attempted the task himself...


The customer successfully rescued the screw using "A Trick" suggested with the Socket Screw Extractor! He also sent us pictures to confirm the achievement. We appreciate his cooperation and thank them for the update.

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