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2023.10.07 [Screw Rescue Report] Trailer

This report is a record of screw-related problem-solving from a customer in Sano City, Tochigi Prefecture, Kanto Region, Japan.

★ Issue Description

"This concerns the screws holding the aluminum corrugated plates on the trailer head. I need to remove these plates, but there are more than 10 screws and two of them just won't extract. The nuts on the back are welded in place, so I can't also extract the nuts. Apparently, a few years ago, someone managed to loosen them but, this time, when I tried to remove them myself, I completely stripped them. I tried gripping the heads and turning, but they kept slipping, and no matter what I did, I couldn't get a grip. I've already ordered new screws from Yokohama Vehicle Industries, so I don't mind if they get damaged; I just want to get them off. Please, can you provide guidance on how to remove them?"

★ Work Log & Method

Based on the damaged condition of the screws, we decided to send a set of prototype Socket Screw Extractors Ver. 4 & 5 (So called Neji Mogura). The customer attempted the operation themselves...

★ Customer Appreciation

"I followed the instructions using the tools you provided, and the screws finally turned and removed. I felt a great sense of relief and gratitude when they did. The Locking Pliers type Screw Removal Pliers 'PZ-65,' which I had purchased in advance, also came in handy at various points. I sincerely thank you for your assistance during this time." We received this delightful email 🦖.

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