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2023.10.01 [Screw Rescue Report] Door Knob Screw

This report is a record of Screw Rescue from a customer in Kyoto City, Kamigyo-ku, in the Kansai region of Japan.

★ Issue Description

"The screw hole of the door knob has become stripped, making it impossible to turn. Also, the initial tightening was too tight, causing the door to jam."

★ Work Log & Method

Based on the condition of the damaged screw, we determined the appropriate solution. We sent the Socket Screw Extractor DBZ-400 series (So called Neji Mogura), and Screwdriver Handle GT Drive (Part No: DZ-70).

★ Customer Appreciation

I received a delightful email saying, "I was able to safely remove the screw and repair the door. Thank you very much! 🦖"

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