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2023.09.30 [Screw Rescue Report] GoPro

This report documents a Screw Rescue action from a customer in Horinouchi, Suginami-ku, Tokyo.

★ Issue Description

"I tried to remove the screws to replace parts on my GoPro HERO11, but the quality of the included screwdriver was poor, and both the screw holes and the screwdriver itself got damaged. I attempted to use tools from another company (a stripped precision screw remover), but it didn't work well and the situation worsened."

★ Work Log & Method

Upon receiving the device, the Screw Rescue Team, with "Urus-kun" watching over, performed an emergency operation.

It appeared that tools from another company had been used, which had exacerbated the problem. However, using a trick with two Super Short Socket Screw Extractors (part numbers: DBZ-310, DBZ-315), we successfully extracted all three screws.

★ Customer Appreciation

"We greatly appreciate your assistance this time. I was at a loss about what to do, so your help was invaluable," we received a heartwarming email with a 🦖 emoji. 

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