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2023.09.02 [Screw Rescue Report] Screw Issue with Toy Battery Cover

We received an SOS about a screw that had become stripped and couldn't be removed from a toy's battery cover.

Immediately, she had it sent in, and the Screw Rescue Team initiated the operation. Using the Rapid Screw Extractor DBZ-57 (So called Neji BAZOOKA DBZ-57), the rescue was successful very easily.

"I greatly appreciate your swift response! Not only did you manage to remove it, but you also replaced the screw. Thanks to that, our child's plaything can be revived!"

We received this joyful message of gratitude.

If you've ever experienced a screw getting stripped after repeatedly loosening and tightening the battery cover of a toy, you're not alone; people all around the world have had similar experiences.

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