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2023.06.11 [Screw Rescue Report] Broken screws on the motorcycle frame

Receiving SOS about a screw stuck in the frame of a motorcycle from Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture, located in the western part of Japan.

"I have a situation where a screw broke inside the frame of my motorcycle and got stuck. I'm considering asking for help to remove the screw, but it is a part of the motorcycle frame and cannot be removed and sent. Would it be possible for me to bring in the motorcycle and have the work done?"

After adjusting the schedule, he visited our office.

The motorcycle he purchased from an auction site had several damages, and the broken screw he requested assistance with was one of them. The screws that hold the black cowl on the upper part of the frame were broken on both sides.

The broken screws were completely stuck, and there was a possibility of deformation inside.

By drilling a pilot hole and using a hexagonal shaft tap, we were able to create a new screw thread.

We successfully installed the cowl with the new screws.

Now, enjoy touring to the full!

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