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2023.05.30 [Screw Rescue Report] Electric Gun for Airsoft Game

Received SOS for electric airsoft gun parts from our company!

At our company, we check the SOS regarding screws received from all over Japan and hold a Screw Rescue meeting every morning to decide how to solve and rescue them.

On this day, there was a request for an electric gun for airsoft games, and the sender was Mr. N from our company!

Below is an explanation of the electric airsoft gun condition from Mr. N. There are many technical terms related to airsoft guns, and most of them are difficult to understand, so please forgive us.

"When I was checking each part to customize the airsoft gun, I discovered that the flash hider wouldn't come off even if I put a lot of force into it.

I want to attach parts such as my favorite suppressor and tracer to this part, so I definitely want to remove it.

When I searched the Internet to see if anyone had encountered the same situation, I found a product review on Amazon that said, "A small amount of adhesive is applied to the flash hider and outer barrel, so I didn't remove it myself but brought it to the store to remove it. " I found a description to that effect.

I found out that there are many airsoft game enthusiasts who have the same problem, so I asked our Screw Rescue Team to find a solution.”

Members of the Screw Rescue Team, including members of the ENGINEER Official Airsoft Game Club, were overjoyed and started the rescue operation.

As a result, we were able to rescue it safely by following the steps below. Again, there are a lot of technical terms (airsoft game), and most of them may be difficult to understand, so please forgive us again.

1: This screw is located in a slightly complicated place, so remove the hand guard in advance to make it easier to work.

2: After removing the handguard, try to remove it with force using an adjustable wrench. However, it is harder than I thought, and if I put any more force into it, the connection part of the main unit will be heavily loaded and may break.

3: Disassemble it further so as not to put a burden on the connection part of the main body, and finally leave only the outer barrel and flash hider.

4: I fixed the outer barrel and flash hider with an adjustable wrench and removed them safely. It didn't have glue on it, but it was very tight when tightened.

5: Finally, reassemble and finish the rescue.

An episode from N. "There are a lot of technical terms (airsoft game) until the end, but please forgive me three times."

"When I checked the screw hole after removing it, it was a 14mm right-hand thread. Many suppressors and tracers on the market are compatible with 14mm left-hand threads. It is necessary to purchase an adapter that converts from a normal thread to a reverse thread. I needed it."

In the future, if you have any problems with guns for survival games, go to the Screw Rescue Team.

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For more information, visit our website and YouTube channel!


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