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2023.05.27 [Screw Rescue Report] Solving a Screw Problem on a Harley-Davidson Front Fender

Received an SOS for Harley-Davidson front fender screw from Tokyo.

"When I tried to extract the screw to customize the fender, I didn't put an excessive force on the screw, but the head of the screw snapped off."

After receiving the actual product, the Screw Rescue Team started an emergency operation.

We received the happy news, along with the words of gratitude, "Thank you for successfully extracting the damaged screw!" He also kindly sent us a cool photo of his Harley-Davidson!

It's a really happy moment when We are working as Screw Rescue Team.

Feel free to contact "The Screw Rescue Team" for screw troubles!

Instruction video of Nejisaurus Mogura (Socket Screw Extractor)

The new all-purpose Nejisaurus GTV PZ-77 is also very popular now.

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