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2023.05.25 [Screw Rescue Report] Mountain bike pedal screw

Received SOS for mountain bike pedal from Nagoya City.

"When I tried to remove the pedal shaft of my mountain bike, the screw (torx) was stuck and I stripped it.

Since the tool interferes with the body of the pedal, the force cannot be applied directly above the screw. Also, I don't know if I can grab it because it is a fairly thin low-head screw. Please let me know what kind of tools are suitable for this. ”

The first thing we noticed when we saw the image was the pedal for the right side of the bicycle. There is a possibility of a left-handed screw, so I will check it.

A “left-handed screw” is a screw whose “tightening/loosening” direction is the opposite of that of a general screw (right-handed screw), and cannot be judged from its appearance.

If you make a mistake in this, even if you turn the screw with the intention of loosening it, it will continue to tighten, and you will end up stripping the head of the screw.

It looks like an imported mountain bike, and as a result of searching on the overseas site, it turned out to be a "left-hand screw"!

After confirming the arrival of replacement screws from overseas, he sent us the pedals.

The Screw Rescue Team considered several patterns of extraction methods, and successfully extracted! 

"Thank you for your prompt response. I will purchase your products from now on."

I received a happy email.

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