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2023.05.24[Screw Rescue Report] Motorcycle exhaust flange fixing bolts

Received an SOS regarding the fixing bolt for a motorcycle exhaust flange from Higashinari Ward, Osaka City.

"The stud bolt is broken. I tried using a stud bolt remover, but there are only about 5 threads remaining, so it won't grip properly. Is it possible to have it removed?"

This is an old model of the Honda "Super Hawk 3," and the motorcycle shop declined the repair because it would be difficult.

Since he lives nearby, we arranged for him to visit our office, and the entire Screw Rescue Team started the rescue operation.

We used the Neju-saurus Liquid (Rust Remover) ZC-29 to remove rust, followed by the After Liquid (Penetrating lubricant) ZC-20 for penetration and lubrication, heated it with the KOTELYZER (Cordless soldering iron) SKA-70 torch function, and applied rapid cooling agent repeatedly...

After several attempts, we successfully extracted the first bolt using Neji-saurus (Screw Removal Pliers) PZ-65.

However, the remaining three bolts were severely stuck, and even the Screw Rescue Team started to feel the pressure... But by using the secret method, we managed to extract all of them!

"I am grateful that you removed the bolts for us. Thank you very much. I have already purchased the tools you used during the operation."

We received this joyful message, and we want you to know that for any future bolt-related troubles, you can rely on Screw Rescue Team.

ZC-28 is the rust remover. And it can help extract the rusted screw by removing the rust.

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PZ-65 is a locking pliers type screw removal pliers and suitable for extracting a hard object like a stud blot.

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