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2023.05.18 [Screw Rescue Report] A broken hex bolt on the motorcycle side rail.

Received an SOS from a customer in Tokushima Prefecture, Japan, stating that he had broken the head of a hex bolt on his motorcycle's side rail.

"It happened while I was tightening the side rail... I got carried away and tightened it too forcefully, resulting in this failure. I was completely dumbfounded."

Upon checking the photos sent by him, we noticed that the broken bolt tip protruded a few millimeters. This was a perfect opportunity to recommend the Neji-saurus (Scerw Removal Pliers), which can grip and extract such bolts. I suggested a few different options.

Later, he informed us that they had visited our Neji-saurus (Screw Removal Pliers series) website and watched videos about Screw Rescue. He became interested and decided to order the most popular model, PZ-58. He planned to try it out once it arrived.

The next day, I received a delightful message saying, "I was able to extract the bolt effortlessly! It was incredibly easy!"

For all your screw-related troubles, remember to turn to Screw Rescue Team.

And our new Screw Removal Pliers PZ-77 can provide a better solution for screw-related troubles.

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