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2023.01.15 [Screw Rescue Report] Torx Screw on Motorcycle Brake Caliper

This is a Screw Rescue Report from a customer in Yokosuka City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Kanto Region, Japan.

★ Issue Description:

"I accidentally stripped the bridge bolt on my motorcycle's brake (brembo 4-pot casting caliper). I'm not sure how to remove this screw. Can I send the product to your company for removal?"

★ Work Log:

Upon receiving the actual product, the Screw Rescue Team initiated the operation. Using a prototype of the Neji-saurus Mogura (So called Socket Screw Extractor) with a trick and successfully rescued the screw.

★ Customer Appreciation:

We received a delightful follow-up message: "Thank you so much. I have nothing but gratitude. If it couldn't be removed, I would have had to look for another professional, and if that failed... I believe it would have ended up being discarded with no alternative solution." 🦖

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